Speak Easy Eligibility

If you have spoken at a large conference that has paid you (this includes if you get free conference entry) you are not eligible for this initiative.

If you want to be considered for a SpeakEasy Spot at one of our partnered conferences you must

a) have signed up with SpeakEasy requesting a mentor (see form below)

b) you must apply to a conference through our website to be considered a speakeasy candidate. You can of course submit to any conference without using this form, but you won’t be considered for the speakeasy spot if there is one allocated.

c) We’d like you to be able to explain how you speaking at a conference can help increase diversity in conferences.

A successful speakeasy candidate who get a speaker spot at a conference can continue to apply to partnered conferences through us for one year from the date of signing up.

Still interested? Simply fill in the form and we’ll contact you shortly.