Free DNS service – Details & Reliable Providers

Free DNS service explained in details

Free DNS service gives your domain name the ability to be visible on the Internet. It provides simple and basic DNS infrastructure, allowing users to access your website.

This service is excellent for you if you manage a blog or a small local online business. Free DNS service delivers a stable domain, some features for DNS (Domain Name System) management, and average speed. It is an absolutely free opportunity. 

Of course, there are great paid options that offer more possibilities and premium features. However, there are reliable DNS hosting providers that can supply you with an amazing free alternative. For instance, some of them have features like Dynamic DNS, IPv4, and IPv6 support, one account for several domains, numerous DNS record types, forward and reverse DNS zones support, and customer support. 

Reliable Providers


That is a great DNS hosting provider that offers a Free DNS service with beneficial features. Additionally, they supply with very decent API and control panel. In their Free option, you can find different features such as Dynamic DNS, plus support for various DNS records ( A, SOA, NS, CNAME, MX, TXT, and more). EntryDNS also holds a hybrid Anycast infrastructure. There is just one requirement for new users – a one-time fee for registration, which is $15.


ClouDNS is another DNS hosting provider that offers a very exciting Free DNS service and robust and reliable infrastructure. Their free service contains 1 DNS zone, 4 DNS servers, 50 DNS records, and an extensive number of monthly DNS queries – 500k. In addition, it has a lot of different DNS record types, including some which are more specific and advanced. Dynamic DNS is another extra feature that you can use with their Free plan. If you have some questions, ClouDNS offers 24/7 live-chat support and detailed statistics about your DNS traffic. It is a pretty good free plan!


Namecheap delivers another great free DNS plan, which is available for everybody. Тhird-party domain owners can try it. Their free plan includes Dynamic DNS, web redirects, many DNS record types (CNAME, NS, ALIAS, etc.), and 24/7 customer support if you have any questions. Additionally, Namecheap gives you the ability to implement Secondary DNS, which is a great advantage. You can establish a reliable backup and get redundancy. It is best for you to have higher uptime for your domain name.


The Free DNS service is a great opportunity for every new or small website. It is going to provide you with all of the needed features, and if you grow, you can easily upgrade to a Premium plan.

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