Why do you need to upgrade to Premium DNS?

Premium DNS explanation

You may get more of everything with a Premium DNS service. More DNS zones and DNS servers are available. You can also better control the flow of traffic. You’ll notice a difference in loading speed once you start utilizing it. It will also result in improved uptime, security, and SEO.

If downtime is not an option for your company, the Premium DNS service should be explored. Implementing a DNS service like this could benefit any website larger than a small personal blog.

If visitors continue to rise, you should seriously consider using this service.

Why do you need to upgrade to it?

Free DNS gives you access to essential and restricted services to help you run your internet business. “Basic” and “limited” may not be appropriate for your organization, especially in crucial aspects such as security, speed, and traffic control.

The most advanced DDoS prevention, for example, is costly. As a result, putting it inside a free DNS and making it available to users is not possible.

On the other hand, Premium DNS provides a solid infrastructure with the required resources to ensure the performance of even the most demanding websites. This is a high-level summary of the features available from Premium DNS services.

  • Large DNS networks with servers located all over the world are available.
  • Additional DNS zones and records
  • DNS Failover
  • Improved security
  • Guaranteed high availability
  • Boost speed
  • Fast loading time
  • Customer support

When is Premium DNS necessary?

The Premium DNS service can be worth considering if your company generates a lot of traffic. You will be able to control it and your global presence in this manner. In this case, uninterrupted uptime is critical. You must be prepared to respond to millions of queries from all around the world.

Perhaps you’ll have to meet the requirements for a high-security website. As well as ensuring the security of transactions and user data.

Examples include e-commerce, banking, accounting systems, fintech companies, payments, government, and many others.


To be honest, the tools, support, and options that a Premium DNS service provides greatly benefit both pros and amateurs. Unfortunately, it’s a common misperception that it’s too difficult for novices. Keep in mind that various plans are available and that resources can be added as needed. You can start little, but the goal is to get bigger!

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