How does Cloud DNS work?

Cloud DNS

So are you interested in boosting your site performance with the power of Cloud DNS service? You probably have plenty of doubts, but don’t worry. Here we will speak about Cloud DNS in an easy way, and we will answer your doubts in a breeze.  

DNS in short

DNS or domain name system is how the Internet is organized. Each host has its IP address and services that it uses. To access it and use those services, you will need to find it. The DNS is an international network of name servers that helps you navigate. It will translate your requests from words that you understand or commands on software to the language that the servers speak.

It is one communication level that we use without even knowing it!

DNS uses DNS records. Those are simple text messages with descriptions and instructions that servers understand. They link services, servers, and hosts. Thanks to those records, you don’t need to remember the IP addresses of sites you want to visit. You simply type the domain names in your browser, and you visit the site!

Cloud DNS

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The history of web hosting

The history of web hosting

Now there are thousands of web hosting providers. You can get shared hosting, cloud service, virtual server, or a complete dedicated hosting just for you. If you are extremely picky with your demands, you can even host your website at your own server that you actually own. Web hosting now is easy, but there was a long way. This is the history of web hosting.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that hosting providers offer for hosting sites that can be accessed through the Internet. All of the site’s resources – the code of the site, databases, photos, videos, etc. need to be stored in a special place that has an appropriate environment (PHP, database service like MySql or MariaDB, HTTPS, Apache server, and more). 

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VPS hosting – Top 5 benefits

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting - Top 5 benefits

Is your business going great, and the shared hosting is not enough for you anymore? You might consider shared cloud hosting, but better jump directly to VPS hosting. It is not as complicated as a dedicated server and has excellent features. Let’s check the top 5 benefits of VPS hosting right now!

What is VPS hosting?

VPS – virtual personal server. It is a virtual machine (VM) that you rent for a particular period (1 month, 1 year, etc.) and has dedicated resources just for it (like 3 GHz, processor, 40GB storage, 4 GB RAM, etc.) and often comes with OS pre-installed. You don’t rent a complete dedicated server. You just make a contract to lease a virtual piece of it that guarantees you some resources. You will be sharing it with other users, but they will be far less than on a shared hosting plan, and you will have control over the software your VPS uses.

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Plugins – why are they useful for my WordPress site?

WordPress Plugins

What is a plugin?

A plugin is a software piece that enables specific functions that you can add to your WordPress (WP) site to extend its possibilities.

Sites require constant maintenance, enhancement, growth, and different new needs have to be solved. Through plugins, you can add features to your website without being a programmer. Yes, you don’t have to write any code. They come ready to plug.

There’s a huge amount of plugins available for WordPress. The variety includes free and paid ones. The programming language used to write them is PHP to get along pretty well with WP sites.

Just the WP official repository has around fifty thousand available free plugins.

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