VPS hosting – Top 5 benefits

Is your business going great, and the shared hosting is not enough for you anymore? You might consider shared cloud hosting, but better jump directly to VPS hosting. It is not as complicated as a dedicated server and has excellent features. Let’s check the top 5 benefits of VPS hosting right now!

What is VPS hosting?

VPS – virtual personal server. It is a virtual machine (VM) that you rent for a particular period (1 month, 1 year, etc.) and has dedicated resources just for it (like 3 GHz, processor, 40GB storage, 4 GB RAM, etc.) and often comes with OS pre-installed. You don’t rent a complete dedicated server. You just make a contract to lease a virtual piece of it that guarantees you some resources. You will be sharing it with other users, but they will be far less than on a shared hosting plan, and you will have control over the software your VPS uses.

So, to make it easy!

A VPS is like renting a furnished apartment in a block of flats. You agree on particular parameters (CPU, storage, RAM, etc.), and you are ready to start using it today. 

When we speak with comparisons, shared hosting is like a shared dorm, where many share the same utilizes.

Top 5 Benefits of VPS hosting

  1. Improved performance

In a scenario where you are renting a virtual personal server, you are getting a lot more than a shared hosting plan. You will have assigned resources that nobody else on the server can use. No more suffering because of too demanding “neighbor” on the shared server.

  1. Scalability

It is far easier to modify a virtual machine than a physical one. Do you want more resources? Just click on the update, and you are ready almost instantly. It has its limits, but in general, you can start small and later upgrade a lot.

If you have a dedicated server, the process won’t be that easy and may result in downtime.   

  1. Good price*

Yep, it is not as cheap as shared hosting, but it is by far cheaper than renting a dedicated server or buying and owning your personal server. The plans start from around 10-15 USD per month and go up for beefier specs.

  1. Control

It is a virtual machine, but you have full control over the OS. You can install and uninstall what you want. Add extra functionality, improve the security, or combine web hosting and email server in one VPS. A great benefit of the VPS indeed.

  1. Security on the next level

When you have control over your OS, you can really protect your server. You can install a secure firewall for smart control of the traffic. Set additional log in criteria blocking IP addresses or only allowing white-listed ones.

Manage your own backups with the software of your choice. You can set the frequency the way you want it.

Another extra is that you can use a sandbox for testing of software and allow only limited resources for it.

The security might be the biggest benefit from the top 5 benefits we are having on this list.  


Did those 5 benefits of using VPS hosting impress you? They should have. VPS hosting is a great way of balancing the company’s budget and still getting an excellent performance. It is way better than shared hosting, and the whole aspect of the customization is a great advantage. Definitely consider it when your site starts needing more resources.

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