Premium DNS

Premium DNS explanation

You may get more of everything with a Premium DNS service. More DNS zones and DNS servers are available. You can also better control the flow of traffic. You’ll notice a difference in loading speed once you start utilizing it. It will also result in improved uptime, security, and SEO.

If downtime is not an option for your company, the Premium DNS service should be explored. Implementing a DNS service like this could benefit any website larger than a small personal blog.

If visitors continue to rise, you should seriously consider using this service.


Free DNS service

Free DNS service explained in details

Free DNS service gives your domain name the ability to be visible on the Internet. It provides simple and basic DNS infrastructure, allowing users to access your website.

This service is excellent for you if you manage a blog or a small local online business. Free DNS service delivers a stable domain, some features for DNS (Domain Name System) management, and average speed. It is an absolutely free opportunity.